Saturday, December 05, 2020

The Loush Sisters (2020) @ Cleveland Public Theatre

 The Loush Sisters return to Cleveland Public Theatre via cyberspace!


For a number of years, the holiday season meant a trip to Cleveland Public Theatre to participate with the Loush sisters, Jolly (Liz Conway) and Holly (Beth Wood) for their bawdy, boozy, over-the-top holiday celebration.


The important words in that sentence were “participate with,” for the interaction with the ladies (and that is using the words in the nicest sense).  Yes, the actresses would pick out members of the audience and interact with them.  They would also encourage you to join them in “drinking up,” as they slugged down glass after glass of happy hour liquid.


The duos sexual innuendos, often aimed at themselves as well as members of the assemblage, brought about a few red faces and lots of laughs.


Well, the Loush “sisters” are back again.  This time in the age of pandemic, it’s via Zoom.  


For those who expected the newest version of Jolly and Holly’s rowdy shenanigans and good ol’ sister love, to be like the up-close and personal shows, they will probably be disappointed.


Conway and Wood put out full effort, but the electronic divide, plus a weaker-than-usual script, fell rather flat.  They tried.  They did.  There was a segment where they did refer to members of the audience, flashing pictures of the “live” audience on the screen.  Unfortunately, verbally referring to the people in cyberspace isn’t the same as intimidating and barbing them in person. 


For 45 minutes, the ladies, with the musical accompaniment of Michael Seever, Jr., sang such ditties as “Sisters,” “Fever” “The Trolly Song,” “All by Myself,” and a holiday medley which included such favorites as “We Need A Little Christmas,” “Deck the Halls,” “Walking in a Winter Wonderland,” “I Had a Little Dreidel,” and, of course, “That’s Why the Lady [my sister] is a Tramp,” while sloshing down the booze.


Capsule judgment:  Separated by a pane of plastic to protect themselves from spreading Covid, the Loush sisters referred to their sexual antics and skills, referred to the political and social world around them, sang with vitality, and tried to take their viewers on an escape from reality.  Part of it worked, part didn’t, but the duo can’t be accused of holding back.

November 27, 28 & December 2, 3, 10, 11, 17, 19 | 8:00pm (ET)

The virtual “house” will be limited to 65 “seats”

Tickets: $1.  Suggested Donation: $1 to $99