Monday, August 02, 2010

Broadway Swings

BROADWAY SWINGS’—a special evening of show tunes at Blossom

What happens when you combine the talents of the Cleveland Orchestra, the amazing singing abilities of Ann Hampton Callaway, the theatre knowledge and conducting skills of Jack Everly and an absolutely gorgeous evening of weather at the Blossom Center? You get a marvelous evening of music and knowledge.

Ann Hampton Callaway, a Tony award nominee for her performance in ‘SWING!,’ is a song stylist, composer, and pianist. She scats, uses her voice as a musical instrument, has a charming personality, and that special quality to mesmerize an audience.

Everly explained the backgrounds of many of the Broadway selections and conducted the orchestra with skill and verve.

CAPSULE JUDGMENT: ‘BROADWAY SWINGS’ on August 1 was a special evening at Blossom.