Sunday, September 30, 2012

Review of Reviewer's Reviews--Mary Ann Wormser


Sat. afternoon my friends and I were wondering what we were going to  do in the evening.  I had a few spare minutes and was looking at my e-mail.  I saw your name and a play [THE NORMAL HEART @ Ensemble Theatre]  I had never heard of.  Something prompted me to open it rather than wait until later.  I always read your capsule judgement first.  That prompted me to read the rest today and not wait until tomorrow.  I called my friends, suggested we go.  As usual, you were 100% correct.  It was excellent.  There was a very small crowd (they told us there was a very large crowd last night).  I hope they have a full house every night from now on.  Thank you for getting us to that excellent play.

Mary Ann Wormser