Monday, April 11, 2011


The creative RIOULT Company, which was brought to the area in a co-sponsorship between DANCECleveland and Playhouse Square, recently performed at the Ohio Theatre. Anyone who missed the program missed an awesome evening of dance.

Choreographer Pascal Rioult challenges his dancers to high levels of creativity. The program opened with VIEW OF THE FLEETING WORLD, based on Bach’s The Arts of Fugue. The nine-part piece was accented by Monet type illusions and mood altering lighting.

WIEN, danced to the music of Maurice Ravel’s LaValse, is a visual message created by swirling bodies which transcends from beautiful waltz to chaotic violence and humiliation, complete with despair and fatalism. It is a visual image of bizarre dance movements which symbolized triumphant evil. The overall effect was riveting!

Ravel’s BOLERO, an exercise in building a crescendo by repeating musical sounds and movements over and over, creates an increasing emotional pitch. The music is a four-phrase theme which mesmerizes. By repeating and altering, the choreographer creates visual images, builds anticipation and then breaks the pattern, with jarring results!