Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Dark Secret of Harvest Home

Murder mystery in a haunted house where a Bette Davis TV series was filmed!

Want the perfect Halloween adventure? How about seeing a new murder mystery in a real “haunted house?” How about in the haunted house that was the actual setting for the Bette Davis min-series, THE DARK SECRET OF HARVEST HOME. Yes, the show was filmed in 1978 at what is now The Estate on Coffee Creek ( in Austinburg.

Not only do you get to be a participant in THE DARK SECRET OF HARVEST HOME, a script by Gilgamesh Taggert, but you get a stellar meal prepared by Chef Nick Kustela which consists of Maine Lobster Bisque, Classic Caesar Salad, Choice of Roasted Sirloin Filet or King Salmon and warm Carmel Apple Bread Pudding.

The cast of the Floriano Productions' show includes Tagerett, Susan Wagner, Trinidad Snider, Brooke Lynn and Paul Floriano and, of course, YOU! The play, a follow-up to the television series, centers on a boy, who was the product of a cult's actions, returning to Austinburg. A murder, and a hunt for the killer takes place. YOU get to question the potential murders in an attempt to reveal the culprit. Sounds like fun, fun, fun.