Friday, March 16, 2007

'10!' (MorrisonDance)

Morrison Dance uninspiring as part of DanceWorks 07

After each of the pieces of ‘10!,’ Morrison Dance Company’s program of short pieces, which they are presenting as part of DanceWorks 07, there was polite applause. This, in spite of the fact that it was opening night and many of the audience members were friends or family of choreographer Sarah Morrison, or her dancers. The tepid response was right on target.

Though Morrison is a very proficient dancer, her choreography lacks dynamism. It lacks vitality. Most of what goes on during her staging is static. At no time is there a “wow” factor.

Even her signature piece, SKETCHES OF RODIN,’ lacked the imagery of Rodin’s sculptures, which supposedly inspired the piece. Rodin’s works are strong, command attention, make themselves stand out. Morrison’s piece, which consisted mainly of Kalindi Stockton rolling around the floor moving a piece of “marble,” was understated and anything but breathtaking.

The highlight of the evening were the masks created by Scott Radke, Morrison’s husband and artistic collaborator. Too bad the choreography wasn’t up to the visual impact of the artwork.

Capsule judgment: If Morrison Dance is ever to develop a strong following like Groundworks, Inlet and Verb Ballets, Sarah Morrison is going to have to expand her repertoire by either letting lose with her own creative juices or supplement her work with some other choreographers who are capable of taking the dancers to a new level.