Sunday, February 12, 2006

Groundworks Dancetheater (Cleveland Botanical Garden)


David Shimotakahara’s GROUNDWORKS DANCETHEATER is by far the best of the smaller dance companies in the area. Their most recent performance at the Cleveland Botanical Garden, featured choreographer Gina Gibney’s meditation work, ‘RETURN.” The dance, which is not story based, featured original contemporary musical sounds composed by Ryan Lott. The non-melodic sounds were mirrored by the entire company--Felise Bagley, Amy Miller, Mark Otloski and Shimotakahara. As always, the dancers displayed amazing body control to interpret the angst-driven choreography.

‘THE BOOK OF WATER’ featured Shimotakahara doing the type of choreography which he does best...serious toned, gymnastic centered jumps, turns, lifts, rolls, whirls, leaps, cartwheels often done in slow motion. A perfect vehicle for his powerful and well-disciplined dancers.