Monday, June 28, 2004

Diane Papp reviews the reviewer

Hi Roy!

Let me first introduce myself. My name is Diane Papp, and I am the Costume Designer/Shop Supervisor since 1997 here at LCCC forA&H. Your old territory. I remember working with you briefly back in'83 or '84. I had an outside contract to costume the dance
ensemble back then; not affiliated with the drama dept., but remember having some wonderful conversations with you.
At any rate, your review of "Grease" will be a wonderful teaching
tool for our Theater students, who either don't OR won't do any
research on any time period of their productions. Here, it is sometimes left up to the Costumer, being myself, to inform them of the
surrounding "do's & don'ts" of the era. While some Directors are better
than others in stressing those details, time & focus to detail
often falls into the hands of the Technical Production Team. Again, I
loved your review and it only vindicates us here of what we try
to teach our students. The audience isn't as stupid as they would like
them to be!

Diane Papp
LCCC Costume Shop