Sunday, November 09, 2003

Carole Clement reviews the reviewer

To: Roy Berko
From: Carole Clement
Subject: review: Discordia (CPT)


I was at CPT Friday, and sadly, I must agree with everything you wrote in your
review--and perhaps more. Other reviews that are coming out today are
vicious. Essentially, they say what you said, but with venom & personal
attacks against actors. Their reviews are so mean-spirited that it's easy
for those involved with Discordia to deny them.

And that's a shame, because there is some truth in those reviews.

While the Discordia company isn't happy about what you said, they aren't
dismissing it out of hand, & that's because of your measured & tempered
evaluation. You are an asset to the Cleveland theater scene & a credit to
thoughtful humanity.

Thanks for being there.