Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Stomp (Playhouse Square Center)

'STOMP' stomps the audience

What else can be said of an all-engrossing show that has won the Olivier Award for Best Choreography, the Obie Award, the Drama Desk Award for Unique Theatre Experience?

What else can be said about a show that has been playing to sold-out crowds for over nine seasons and continues to pack them in world-wide?

What else can be said about a show which is the longest-running show in Off-Broadway history and has been called “a sensory delight,” “amazing,” “a romp” and “a sure fire crowd pleaser.”?

‘STOMP’ which recently appeared on the stage of the Palace Theatre in Playhouse Square for eight performances, uses trashcans, plastic bags, plungers, hubcaps, brooms, water, poles, sand, mop heads, hatchet handles, and hammers, among others, to make sounds that inspire dancing feet, clapping hands, and an audience that scream for more.

Capsule judgement: If you missed the show in its latest return to the area, you missed a fun, exciting and amazing evening. Too bad...it was well worth your being there! Hopefully it will return again.