Saturday, June 28, 2003

Scott Miller reviews the reviewer


I sent your review of the Shakesphere Festival on to my cousin Scott. Thought you might like to know how he answered me. Can you ad one more name to your list of "subscribers"?


Dear Marcia,
Thank you so much for sending the Berko reviews. He is indeed a thoughtful
reviewer, one of the few. I get a real sense that he loves the theater and
wishes that everything he saw was marvelous. When he's critical he's
gracious, when he's positive he's generous and clear in terms of what he
likes. He knows the work he's reviewing, it's plot, history and themes and
sees his job in part to educate his readers which in turn motivates them to
attend the shows he reviews since they would come knowing more about the
them. It's nice to read reviews that don't put the reviewer first but
rather feature the work with a sense of respect and endearment. Thanks!