Monday, September 23, 2002

Homeland Security or Charlton Forget You Gun (Habitat For Insanity)

Improve inconsistent but fun at Habitat for Instanity

Habitat for Insanity has recently opened its second comedy revue HOMELAND SECURITY BLANKET OR CHARLTON FORGET YOUR GUN. The two-hour show combines original written sketches and songs dealing with issues such as religion, terrorism, gun control, and America's obsession with itself, along with an improvisational segment.

Comedy is hard to do. Improv is hard to do. There are very few equals to CAPITAL STEPS.
Highlights of the show include a funny and tender segment about a duo attending a Star Wars and Star Trek convention, a wondrous takeoff on the songs from HAIR, a hysterically funny segment by the Big White Rapper, and a minor league baseball broadcast which turns into a sex tryst.

Highlight performers are Ed Ackerman, Jeff Etters, Doug Rossi, Jim Faith and Gretchen Thomas. Adam Brooks does an excellent job of musically underscoring the festivities.

Capsule judgement: Even SECOND CITY has off nights. So, when attending comedy performances and improv you have to stay loose and realize that every minute is not going to be enthralling. In the case of 'HOMELAND SECURITY' go knowing that the material and performance are generally pleasant, some miss the point, and some are even side splitting.